next generation luxury lifestyle 

Let us explain the profound difference between NX LuxClub™  and any other luxury lifestyle club on the market today.

Our members are offered the opportunity to invest in the world's first Luxury Lifestyle Club powered by blockchain.


What does that mean in practice?


Example 1 [Rental] - Let's say you would like to rent a super yacht for a week or two at the cost of 200,000 USD per week. The middle-man charge for that service can be as much as 30% (plus taxes and money transfer fees which can reach up to 10%).

With NX LuxClub™  you can rent the same super yacht for 140,000 USD per week. 

Example 2 [Sales] - You are about to sell your Rolls Royce that once was purchased by your company. Under normal circumstances you would have to pay 40% sales tax on that transaction plus your middle-man will cut around 10%.
NX LuxClub™   you can sell the Rolls Royce for 1,000,000 USD and save up to 50% on taxes and fees.

Example 3 [Purchase] - New purchase of goods and service will be made using the NXL token. 

Example 4 [Pawn] - High value goods can be pawned on the NX LuxClub™  platform instead of spurious local pawn-shops.

"Rich people like to save money to stay rich.
With savings up to 50%, this is a unique and very attractive proposition."

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